Kickstart Your Biggest Dream in 3 Easy Steps

Starting your Success Journey

Like most people, you have probably spent some time staring off into space while dreaming of what you’d like to do “someday.” For many “creative types,” and I consider myself one, the dreaming part is easy. You want to write that epic novel, start your own business or build the ultimate app.

Dreamers are good at visualizing but can get stuck when figuring out how to turn that dream into reality.

In fact, the bigger the dream, the more overwhelming it can be to think about the steps to get started. This feeling can produce a kind of laziness. We don’t know where to start, so we never get started!

I feel your pain! For years I felt extremely motivated to do everything and nothing in particular. It wasn’t until I organized my thoughts that I made any real progress.

My dream was to travel the world while I worked online.

Here is the process I used to go from fantasizing about making a living online to making it happen! I call it:

The Grocery Store Method.

The Grocery Store Method

Think about the process you go through before going for groceries.

  1. You have a specific goal: Go to the grocery store.
  2. You check to see what you already have.
    • Do you have enough milk?
    • Do I have peanut butter to go with my jelly? Bread?
  3. You make a list of the things you need.
    • Milk
    • Peanut Butter
    • Bread

The same process can be repeated for any goal you have!

  1. Set your specific goal.
    • What is it you want to accomplish?
    • Don’t be afraid to write down BIG GOALS! We are not worried about long range planning yet. This is your chance to finally take that big first step of bring your dream out of your head and into your reality!
  2. Make a list of assets you already have.
    • What assets do you have that can help you achieve your goal?
    • List everything you can think of. There are no wrong answers! If you have it, list it!
    • Include personality traits. Are you outgoing? Resourceful? Funny?
    • Include skills you have. Are you artistic? Are you a good writer? Take good pictures with your phone? Anything you can think of, even if it doesn’t seem important right now.
    • List any relationships that can be helpful. Do you know someone who can build an website or simply lend an ear when you need support?
  3. Make a list of things you need.
    • What don’t you have that would come in handy for reaching your goal?
    • Do you need funding? Educational materials? More free time?
    • Do your best to brainstorm here, but don’t worry if you miss something. You can always add to this or any of the lists as you go. Nothing is final!

Want to hear Curtis walk you through the thought process behind The Grocery Store Method?

Listen to the “Curtis Does Content” podcast!

Watch the “Curtis Does Content” video!


Whether kickstarting your blogging career or trying to get the word out about your welcoming church, it is well worth the time to make a plan. While big dreams can be daunting, they don’t have to be out of reach if you get good at making lists (whether you “feel like it” or not).

Measurable progress can be seen if you take the time to organize your thoughts, and refer back to your lists. Each step along the journey can be seen and celebrated, encouraging you to press on!

If you run into a snag along the way or need some help getting started, I am here to help! I offer free consultations and donation-based branding workshops to qualified individuals or groups.

What are you waiting for?

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