Curtis L. Rodgers

Curtis L. Rodgers is known by clients and friends as a creative leader with outside-of-the-box methods. Curtis has taken companies, non-profits and entrepreneurs down the road to discovering the vision behind their product or project and turning that vision into a successful branding strategy. His clients appreciate his vast skillset and seemingly limitless supply of enthusiasm.

Working with Curtis is like having a designer, copy writer, marketing strategist and life coach on speed dial. His clients know they can trust his experience and enjoy the attentive care he gives to each project.

Diverse experiences as a corporate trainer, stand-up comic and even a pastor(!) have all unified into what would become the dream career Curtis never knew he wanted, a Content Marketing Strategist.

Biography Highlights

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Curtis currently works with multiple clients from both the non-profit and private sectors while continuing to sharpen his digital chops with ongoing education and training in order to keep up with the everchanging industry of digital marketing.