“Progressive Christianity is about being the church for the time in which we live.”



Curtis combines his  ministerial experience,  corporate training and managerial background with a passion  for innovation.

Curtis Creates offers  information, resource recommendations and online/in person consultations to help clergy and lay leaders:

  Re-inspire congregations.

  Match administrative needs with mission.

 Ramp up community engagement and internet presence.





Curtis Lee Rodgers

Motivational Misfit


“The purpose of life is to discover your gift.
The work of life is to develop it.
The meaning of life is to give your gift away.”

~Finding Your Strength in Difficult Times: A Book of Meditations
 by David Viscott

Curtis has a long history of challenging the boundaries of possibility when is comes to organizational leadership.  Both in the business sector or working with nonprofits and churches, Curtis has the ability to build community around bold ideas and thoughtful innovations.

He began his work life flipping burgers and busing tables and worked his way up to General Manager and Corporate Trainer for a national restaurant chain.  Curtis has consulted on various new restaurant openings, written training manuals and materials, then created and implemented organizational structures and initiatives.  During this period he found time to launch a career in stand up comedy touring with the  Queer as a Three Dollar Bill group and becoming a Semi-finalist in the Seattle International Comedy Competition.  Along the way he opened for the likes of Kyle Cease and the legendary Mitch Hedberg.

In 2012 he left his career to pursue “stuff that mattered.”  Curtis decided it was time to take his professional skillset and use it to “leave the world a little better than I found it.”

After finding the United Church of Christ in Simi Valley, CA , he decided to pursue full-time ministry.  “The rest is history” as they say.  Currently he still serves UCC in Simi Valley as a Member in Discernment and in the process of becoming a licensed minister.  During his time at UCC Simi, Curtis has:

  • Led and designed worship services and initiates, built multiple external websites and intranets.
  • Managed a multitude of social media platforms.
  • Developed and integrated successful initiatives including fundraising, worship philosophy and guest focused church practices.
  • Acted as a lay minister in the transitional times between settled pastors
  • Co-designed a Café Church format and created multiple special services and gatherings.
  • Has secured thousands of dollars in technology and media resources.
  • Co-Founded and was the creative inspiration for FFLUID (Friends & Families Living United in Diversity).



Gradutates from Pacific School of Religion with a Certificate of Theological Education Leadership in fall 2017

Three years of study in Gnostic/mystical Christianity with a spiritual mentor from Ecclesia Pistis Sophia

Has completed the graduate level course UCC History and Polity from progressivechristianity.org

UCC Boundary Awareness Training

Audited courses in New Testament and Hebrew bible trough Open Yale,  Yale University’s online-open source learning platform.


2016 Chesed Award recipient  for recognition of compassionate service in serving the cause of justice.

2017 Premier America Community Grant recipient for FFLUID

2015/2016 Scholarship recipient Northern Association of the Southern California Nevada Conference, UCC

“The reason that we have not only survived but thrived is that we have had Curtis Rodgers with us. “

Rev. Frank Johnson



Inquiries and questions are typically answered within 24 hours.

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